Session for Kids Brigade

Happy Deepavali – Say No To White Sugar
November 6, 2017
Bamboo Rice Sakkarai pongal
December 21, 2017

Authentic aromaz organised an after exams meet up for Kids.Kept the count of kids to minimal with first come first basis. This session had three segments #Nofirecooking, Identifying our herbs with some Gardening tips,Traditional Games. We talked about Kids brigade and we did the first activity from #KidsBrigade of #AuthenticAromaz “A Story telling – On healthy eating habits among Kids”. Kids Drafted a pledge on their own. Happily weared up the Lanyard with their identity cards of #KidsBrigade. Excited with their Goodies from #Authentic Aromaz. Before saying Bye had a selfie with my pride of #Healthyambassadors.

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